We monitor and work the published job market for our candidates as well as to build our contact base.  There are many pros and cons with the published job market:


  • It is a sample of the job market as a whole and helps gauge the marketplace.

  • Your perfect job could be there.

  • We have technology that allows us easy access.

  • We can quickly and efficiently get you in front of these opportunities.

  • Published listings give us access to companies with which we can develop relationships for our own contact list.


  • The published job market is very small at the top management levels.

  • At the highest levels of employment, the number of published jobs can be less than 5%.

  • Anybody can apply for these positions whether they are qualified or not; therefore, this is where you have the greatest amount of competition.

  • Companies often have a very specific checklist.  If you don't match the checklist, you don't get a call.

  • Companies that do advertise give prospective employees a chance to change their resume and their story about who they are before they apply for the job.  This is more likely to result in a bad hire.