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  • Six-Figure Income Earners​


  • Two Years Representation

  • Flat Rate Fee Structure

  • Full-Time Positions

  • Interim and Contract Work

  • Consulting Assignments


  • Customized Programs


As part of any successful organization, a company must have both a team philosophy and established core values.  As an Acquire Inc. client, you will have an entire team devoted to your success.  In addition, your career transition program will be customized to your unique needs.

Over the years, Acquire Inc. has developed numerous proprietary methodologies for serving our clients.  We will review our process with all pre-screened, qualified candidates.

Our niche market is the upper 3-5% of income earners who are both Executives and Senior Executives working across a vast array of industries worldwide.


Acquire Inc. combines a high-level mentorship program with a full-service marketing campaign to ensure a successful transition for its candidates.